Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Booker vs. Christie -- the marquee match of 2013?

By Richard K. Barry

Let's just flip a coin. I don't want to fight.

Are you already having withdrawal symptoms from the blood sport that is electoral politics? Well, you might not have to wait too long for your next fix, not if Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) decides to take on incumbent Governor Chris Christie (R) of New Jersey.

As The New Republic points out:

There are no nationwide campaigns next year, and just two gubernatorial seats are up for grabs, so this race -- hypothetical though it remains -- would have America's attention. Money would flow: Both are beloved by Wall Street and, having campaigned on other candidates' behalf, are loaded with IOUs from political fundraisers around the country. Coverage would be nonstop: Both are extraordinarily talented at handling the microphone and delivering social media–optimized sound bites. And the stakes would be high: Both have designs on the presidency, and are aware of the benefits of handing the other a premature political death.

As it turns out, I'm in New Jersey today, so I'll see if I can't get the lay of the land. I'm fairly certain that if these two political stars take a run at each other, it will be fun to watch, whichever side you're on.  

And if The Boss (and I mean The Boss, not the president) campaigns for Booker, as I suspect he might, it could simply break Christie's heart, now that they're each other's BFF. Politics is a tough business. 

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