Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A.M. Headlines

U.S. Politics

(New York Times): "For tax pledge and its author, a test of time"

(Associated Press): "Union flexes muscles in state campaigns"

(Washington Post): "Conservative activists strike back at GOP"

(New York Times): "After Obama, Christie wants a GOP hug"

(Reuters): "Broadwell hires Washington PR firm to deal with Patraeus scandal"

Other News

(New York Times): "Clinton to visit Middle East in move to defuse Gaza conflict"

(The Guardian): "Obama urges Asian leaders to step back from territorial disputes"

(New York Times): "European Union backs Syrian opposition coalition"

(Reuters): "Power company restarts a quarter of NJ plants hit by Sandy"

(FoxSports): "Kaepernick picks apart Bears in win"


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