Thursday, January 17, 2013

Listening to Now: Le Vent Du Nord - "Elise"

By Richard K. Barry

One of the really great things about having moved to Canada over 30 years ago is that I get to enjoy the very broad range of cultures that make up the country. One of the most important cultures, of course, is Quebec. And one of the most important groups performing traditional Quebecois music is Le Vent Du Nord.

The group plays a number of instruments not typically heard in more popular music such as the hurdy gurdy and the piano accordion, not to mention foot-tapping, which is an essential part of the experience. 

They have been nominated for and received a number of awards in both Quebec and the rest of Canada. 

I have been privileged to see them live. It's all very high energy and very lovely music.

Here is something called "Elise":

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