Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NRA attacks Obama for having Secret Service protect his daughters

By Michael J.W. Stickings and Mustang Bobby 


This really is despicable, if hardly surprising coming from such a loathsome organization.

First, shouldn't the president's children be off-limits even for the NRA's propaganda campaign?

Second, Secret Service protection for the president's family is much different than armed guards at schools.

Third, there are some pretty good reasons for providing such protection to the president's children. I can only assume that there are significant threats to their safety given who they are, and of course the country's security would be compromised if anything happened to them.

Simply, they must be protected. And not just Obama's children but the children (and spouses) of all presidents. The NRA surely gets this but has decided regardless to make this ridiculous argument about hypocrisy. And to do it by dragging Malia and Sasha into it is simply inexcusable.

"Most Americans agree that a president's children should not be used as pawns in a political fight," said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. "But to go so far as to make the safety of the president's children the subject of an attack ad is repugnant and cowardly."

That pretty much describes the NRA.



The NRA can get pretty far out there with their rhetoric -- calling federal agents "jack-booted thugs" caused a backlash in 1995 that made them issue a rare apology -- but their latest salvo is probably going to blow up in their face. At least one can hope. 

Josh Marshall:

It takes a lot for the NRA to shock. But this is just beyond disgusting. The NRA has launched a new ad campaign calling President Obama a 'hypocrite' for allowing armed Secret Service agents to protect his school aged daughters.

There are so many vile things about this ad. But one thing to note is the ad is really only designed to appeal to people who have a deep – really deep – animosity toward the President. The sort of people who don't think he and his daughters should be in the White House and wish him the sort of ill citizens should never wish upon a freely elected head of state.

A while back I referred to the NRA as the Westboro Baptist Church of the gun owners of America.  Now it's become more like the Klan.

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  • The ad isn't about Secret Service protection, it is about the armed guards at their school. And it is advocating that for ALL children. The only part that is ugly and unfortunate is that they call Mr. Obama a hypocrite. In polite society we don't do that, whether it is true or not.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:09 AM  

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