Thursday, January 17, 2013

Charlie Crist spanking Florida Gov. Rick Scott in early polling

By Richard K. Barry

Charlie Crist used to be a Republican but then hugged Presient Obama, which pretty much made it impossible for him to continue being a Republican in that strange world known as GOP politics. He is now hoping to exact a measure of revenge on his old party by returning to the Governor's mansion, which he previously occupied from 2006-2011, this time as a Democrat. To do that he would have to oust the current Republican governor Rick Scott

According to Public Policy Polling, it looks like he's got a good shot at getting it done in 2014: 

Crist would start out as the favorite in a showdown with Scott. He leads 53-39, most notably taking a whooping 29% of the Republican vote. He still has some residual appeal to Republican voters. 

Scott's overall approval rating is just 33%, with 57% of voters giving him a thumbs down. Crist, on the other hand, is starting to gain traction among Democrats who give him a favourability rating of 70/16. He is also far out in front of other potential Democratic candidates.

The survey also notes that in the end it might not even be Scott the Democrats are running against as only 50% of Republican primary voters want Scott as their candidate again. On top of that, Scott won in 2010 by a small margin in what was a huge year for Republicans. It would be hard to see him doing it again. 

Whether it's Crist or someone else, it seems likely we'll be seeing the last of Governor Rick Scott.

And if it's a Democrat, it'll be the first Democratic governor in 20 years.

Can't wait. 

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