Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rand Paul for VP? Maybe not

Pick me. I'll try really hard not to embarrass you.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) just let us all know that it would be an honour to be asked to serve as Mitt Romney's running mate. I must say that I always wondered what GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul's game was when he took it easy on Romney throughout the nomination process. Was he clearing a path for his son to be considered by Romney?

You may know that Rand Paul is one crazy-ass Tea Party radical, who is not going to get close to being Romney's VP choice no matter how badly he may want it. It's just not going to happen. Romney doesn't need to court hard-core right winger voters. He needs swing voters, so-called independents, to get on board the "Willard Wagon."

When Rand Paul, with his Ayn Rand credentials, muses about even the slightest possibility he might be tapped, you have to wonder how familiar he is with reality, and if he actually believes that the crazy shit he peddles makes sense to anyone outside the tri-corner hat wearing, Koch-brothers-paid-for, crazy bunch who used to go to those always entertaining rallies. You remember, the "we-left-our-guns-home-this-time" crazy bastards who used to get so much air time on Fox?

What is interesting about this, though, is not just that Rand Paul thinks he might be considered as the big #2 (pun intended), but that the Tea Party apparently "wants in" on the Romney love fest. Everyone on the right is tripping over themselves to be a part of "Team Romney," as we knew they would - further proof that the right knows its own interests better than the left, who never have been very good at toeing the line. Yes, class warfare is alive and well on the right. The left might want to take notes.

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