Friday, June 08, 2012

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell identifies Republican effort to destroy America

Via twitter: 

McDonnell: "That hope and change thing... has turned into a vision of malaise, division, and recession." 

-- Molly Ball (@mollyesque)

No, it's actually that ever-increasing Republican cynicism, extremism, and obstructionism have largely thwarted President Obama's efforts to bring meaningful change to Washington and the rest of the country (often by reaching out to Republicans and embracing what used to be, not so long ago, mainstream Republican positions (e.g., on health-care reform), as well as by providing historic leadership on increasingly popular issues like same-sex marriage) and pull the economy out of the abyss to which Republican policies had sunk it. (And, actually, what's amazing is how successful he has been in spite of Republican efforts to destroy him.)

Hope and meaningful, progressive change can't escape the black hole of doom and despair that is the Republican Party, but there is reason for hope as long as Obama is in the White House.

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  • Yes, the problem is the Republicans planned to sabotage the country. But, while doing it they also planned to place all the Blame on President Obama and with the help of "liberals" like Glenn Greenwald who writes 50 anti-Obama columns to balance out everytime he thinks a mean thought about Republicans the Right-Wing plan has succeeded with many people.

    And it's no coincidence McDonnell used Jimmy Carter's phrase it's they master plan just as they blamed Carter for Nixon and Ford's defecits they've been woking overtime to blame Barack for George W(orst ever) Bush's failures..

    By Blogger Grung_e_Gene, at 9:35 AM  

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