Thursday, June 07, 2012

Jeb Bush's missed moment

By Richard K. Barry

Most people who follow politics closely do it from a strongly partisan perspective. Maybe there are a couple of academics somewhere in the world who think they can be completely neutral and take no sides. But I'd be surprised if even that was true.

Having said that, it's interesting when someone on the other team, as it were, seems to give an interview that shows more humanity than partisanship, that speaks more to their personal situation rather than to the political world. For that moment, it's almost possible to forget which side you're on. Almost.

Jeb Bush was interviewed by Charlie Rose on CBS recently and was asked some of the normal questions like would he accept a VP nomination, to which he answered no. But the interesting moment came when Rose asked him if he had completely give up on any presidential aspirations. He answered no to this question as well, but only because he seems to believe that the times have, in a sense, passed him by. Rest assured I am not going to become a Jeb Bush booster, but the subtlety, intelligence, even sadness of Jeb's comments made me think the GOP picked the wrong Bush to occupy the White House.

I know I'm not the first one to say this but I don't mind repeating it.

(Cross-posted at Lippmann's Ghost.)

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