Friday, March 06, 2015

Hillary's e-mails or, don't people have anything better to do with their time?

By Richard K. Barry

No one will care about the foolishness surrounding Hillary Clinton's e-mails by the time it matters. In fact, I'm not sure anyone really cares now except a bunch of bored journalists and right-wing hacks.

Or, as Brendan Nyhan put it at The New York Times:

The actual public response to the controversy is likely to be a combination of apathy and partisanship. Few Americans are paying attention to any aspect of the campaign at this point. Those who do notice will most likely divide largely along partisan lines, with Democrats interpreting her actions more charitably, especially once they see Republicans attacking Mrs. Clinton on the issue.

Any significant political costs are also likely to be fleeting because the revelations came so early in the campaign cycle. It is hard to believe that a lack of transparency in Mrs. Clinton’s use of email will have a significant effect on a general election that will be held some 20 months from now. As the political scientist John Sides wrote on Twitter, “In October 2016, no persuadable voter will be thinking about Hillary Clinton’s email account.”

What he said. 


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