Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Don't go away mad, Christie, just go away

A new poll in New Jersey finds that Gov. Chris Christie is in some serious trouble in his home state.
The most recent statewide survey of registered voters in the Garden State finds Governor Christie mired in upside down public perceptions of his leadership. Thirty-five percent approve of his job performance as compared with 51 percent who say they disapprove. This is the lowest approval and highest disapproval for the governor that PublicMind has recorded for Governor Christie. It’s only among self-described Republicans that the governor finds himself in territory that is more favorable (55% approve/31% disapprove). Coveted demographic groups including independents (33% versus 47%) and women (33% versus 51%) are roundly critical of the governor. All of these numbers are consistent with recent trends documented by PublicMind, as recent as last month.

Let's pull out the most important numbers: 35% approve, 51% percent disapprove. The lowest approval and highest disapproval for the governor ever recorded by this particular survey.  

Maybe, should he actually run for the GOP presidential nomination, he'll benefit from the idea that familiarity breeds contempt and those from other parts of the country less familiar with him will embrace his candidacy.

Doubt it. 

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