Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Guess we'll have Rick Perry to kick around some more

By Richard K. Barry

Not that we didn't see this coming, but former governor of Texas Rick Perry is, as the New York Times writes, putting "pieces in place for a 2016 campaign" because, you know, his 2012 effort wasn't funny enough.

Mr. Perry is moving to establish a “super PAC” to back his effort, and has turned to Austin Barbour, a Mississippi-based lobbyist and political operative to head it, according to three people with knowledge of the moves.

Mr. Barbour’s brother, Henry, is a Republican national committee member who has supported Mr. Perry for years. The brothers’ uncle is Haley Barbour, the former Mississippi governor and a senior figure in Republican circles.


The aim of the super PAC is to raise large sums of money from donors, largely to finance television ads. Part of Mr. Barbour’s job will be to attract donors and assure them their money is being spent well.

I will freely grant that I thought Ronald Reagan too stupid to be elected president way back in 1980. And I was equally amazed that W. was successful for the same reason, so you probably don't want me whispering in your ear when you're deciding how to place a bet, but Rick Perry? 

I can't imagine, since we're talking about gambling, that the "smart money" set among Republicans thinks having this guy back on stage forgetting pieces of his own platform is a happy scenario.

I am, however, very impressed with the glasses. (I'm imagining the strategy meeting at which it was suggested spectacles would actually make him seem more intelligent to voters. Yeah, that's the ticket!)


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