Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Joni Mitchell: "Little Green" (1967)

By Richard K. Barry

Joni Mitchell is one of the finest singer/songwriters ever to strum a guitar, and that's not just my Canadian pride talking.

She wrote "Little Green" in 1967 and it appeared on her 1971 album Blue. It's about a daughter she gave up for adoption in 1965, when she was a struggling musician in Toronto.

Recently my wife, Marilyn Churley, published a book about her own experiences of giving a child up for adoption and then, many years later, being in a position as a member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario to help reform adoption disclosure laws.

In 1997, Mitchell was reunited with her daughter, Kilauren Gibb. Around the same time, Marilyn was reunited with her son Bill. Kilauren also worked with Marilyn on reforming adoption disclosure laws in Ontario.

Marilyn's book is called "Shameless, which is available at Between the Lines press. 

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