Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A threat eight years away

By Creature

Today president Bush gave a speech in support of his European missile defense system. His rationale for the missile shield: Iran and its quest for the bomb. However, while the administration and their surrogates are out and about touting immediate action against Iran, due to an imminent threat, the president managed to undermine all such arguments with a time-line admission inserted into today's speech.

In his speech here, Bush said intelligence estimates show that Iran could have the capability to strike the United States and many European allies by 2015.

2015. Eight years from now. Please explain to me how this threat is imminent. How can they justify an attack today? From this point forward, when imminence is argued, 2015, their date, not ours, must be thrown back at them.

Their imminence argument is now dead.

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