Monday, August 13, 2012

Still think Chris Christie was the smarter choice

Talk to the hand, Mitt.

We all had fun trying to figure out who Mitt Romney would pick as his running mate. As I said on Saturday, I really thought Paul Ryan would be toxic due his radical agenda on things like Medicare, and his whole approach to budgeting, but I understand Romney thinks he needs a game changer (sorry) and has apparently found it. I think it might be a good time to remind Mitt Romney about the wisdom of being careful what you wish for.

I had thought Chris Christie made more sense and have been saying so for some time. I simply can't understand why the Romney campaign wouldn't take my advice. I thought we were close.

Anyway, on the Christie option, the
New York Post has an interesting bit of information, if true. They write that Christie was high on the VP list but refused to resign as governor of New Jersey if he was the pick, this according to a supposedly well placed Romney campaign source.

Maybe Christie has been reading the same polls as the rest of us and decided he liked the thought of having a job after early November.

I guess the
Post story could be right. I will say that I was genuinely concerned about the idea of a Romney/Christie ticket but see the Ryan choice as nothing but a whole lot of trouble for Mitt. I know some right-wingers are welcoming the decision with high-minded sounding claims that it will make the campaign about ideas and highlight the GOP brand as the only party serious about tackling the deficit (holding aside for a moment who gets to bear the burden of their grand design). Or maybe Romney thinks losing Florida in order to have a shot at winning Wisconsin is a smart way to run for the presidency.

At least I won't have to worry about Chris Christie bullying his way to the White House as Romney's number two. I can't exactly say why,  but that always worried me. I don't like Christie. I don't like his politics, but there is something about his style that I know appeals to a lot of Americans and I'm just as happy he won't be at the centre of the action. 

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