Saturday, May 05, 2012

Swift Boating President Obama

There was a story recently at BuzzFeed that some 35 year old Iraqi War veteran with close Republican ties is encouraging other ex-military personal to come out against President Obama for taking too much credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Executive Director Joel Arends of something called "Veterans for a Strong America" said, "we're looking to [put together] a coalition, to field SEALs and other operatives that want to come out publicly." He also said that he has had "a lot of discussions with former SEALs and current SEALs. I've been talking to operatives in the community. There is palatable discontent."

Arends has already released an attack ad on May 1st, titled "Why Does President Obama Take So Much Credit for Killing bin Laden?"

So listen, asshole. Here's why. Because he's the fucking President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief. That's why. It was his call. If it had failed, you and your friends, if you really have any, would have been the first to criticize him.

Everyone knows that Obama gave lavish praise to the brave Navy SEALs who carried out the mission. But the decision to go was a political decision and a tough one, considering that it violated sovereignty in a volatile part of the world.

In democracies, in matters regarding the use of armed force, there are two kinds of credit to be taken, political and military. When things go well, there is plenty of credit to go around. What, the Continental Congress doesn't get credit for the American Revolution, Lincoln doesn't get credit for the Civil War and FDR doesn't get credit for WWII? Is that what you're saying? I thought you radical right-wing nut jobs liked history, what with all the silly costumes you wear.

So go find yourself a few ex-military types who don't like Obama's politics and have them complain that the President didn't actually put any bullets into bin Laden himself.

Yeah, that'll work. "Swift Boat" away. Knock yourself out.

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