Thursday, December 01, 2011

Gingrich surges in Florida

In Florida, a new poll from The Florida Times-Union shows Gingrich outpacing the Republican presidential field in that state with 41% support. Mitt Romney is well back with 17%:

Newt Gingrich is the current favorite in Florida's Jan. 31 Republican presidential primary, picking up supporters who fled Herman Cain to claim 41 percent in a poll conducted Tuesday night for The Florida Times-Union.

Gingrich has as much support as the next four candidates combined in the telephone survey of 513 registered voters who say they're likely to cast ballots in the primary. The poll, conducted by InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research, has a margin of error of 4 percent.

As I've noted, Cain's loss is Gingrich's gain. And Romney continues to stumble.

(Cross-posted at Lippmann's Ghost.)

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