Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Notable quotes on Palin

By Libby Spencer

I'm sick of talking about Palin, but I collected a few telling quotes yesterday that are worth noting. First, from Palin herself:

To critics who question whether her experience as a small-town mayor and as governor has prepared her to serve as vice president, she said: "We're small enough to be family, and we can put aside political differences to work as a family."

What does that even mean? Seems to me it reinforces how unqualified she is to deal with national affairs. The lower 48 ain't one happy family. It's a big diverse and divided nation right now, and DC is a snake pit.

Also worth nothing is this:

Palin stayed for two days at her Wasilla home on Lake Lucille, missing a hastily planned rally of about 100 supporters gathered at a hotel near her home Friday evening. Organizers had hoped she'd stop by or say a few words through a special video conference connection they had set up.

Looks like she doesn't treat her "family" that well. Can't be bothered to stop by and say hello on her way to bigger and better things. Maybe that's the attitude that inspired the anti-Palin rally:

"We're not alone. A lot of people are worried about the nomination of Sarah Palin," said rally organizer Angie Doroff, 46, as cars drove by honking their horns in support.

Indeed, it seems her AK fan club is diminishing by the minute:

"Sarah always did and still does surround herself with people she gets along well with," she said. "They protect her, and that's what she needs. She has surrounded herself with people who would not allow others to disagree with Sarah. Either you were in favor of everything Sarah was doing or had a black mark by your name."

That's why people were afraid to speak up at first. It's a very big state with a very small town mentality and you don't want to get on the wrong side of the most powerful person in it. Thank the Goddess that her local critics who know her best found the courage to speak up. One can only hope they continue to do so and get louder.

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