Saturday, September 02, 2006

Failure in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan

At The Left Coaster today, Steve Soto examines "failure of a grand scale overseas" -- specifically America's failure in or with respect to Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. Or, more precisely, Bush's failure.

Iraq: Civilian casualties have "spiraled upward" since Maliki assumed power. And, as expected, there continues to be widespread dissent among the Kurds, who are pushing for independence even as many Iraqis move north to "seek a new life and safety" in Kurdistan.

Iran: Nuclear development continues as disagreements among the major powers, specifically Russia's opposition to sanctions, threaten to derail any diplomatic solution. And, of course, "Bush squandered any chance to do something positive about Iran years ago".

Afghanistan: Opium production is "out of control" and there aren't nearly enough troops to "bring security to the country". Meanwhile, "our best friend in the war on terror Pervez Musharraf is busy cutting self-serving deals with Islamic separatists for truces which free up these forces to infiltrate back into Afghanistan to assist the Taliban and fight American and NATO forces".

Not good. Not good at all.

Check out Steve's link-filled post for more.

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