Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our adult talking points

By Creature

Last night on Hardball, Howard Dean was everything the Republican party is not. He was an adult. A reasoned, sober, realistic adult, ready to offer the American people a true alternative to the Republicans in November. An alternative, if not in policy directly, at least in rhetoric completely. As Chris Matthews tossed out the GOP talking points, Dean was prepared. It was impressive. He was hitting the mark on all fronts.

-- Will the Democrats be impeachment-censure crazy if they take control of the House and its subpoena power? No, because Democrats take impeachment seriously. We don't jump to conclusions, not like the Republicans in the '90s. Democrats believe in facts. We believe in respect. America comes first, the party comes second. Revenge is not on the agenda. We have real, serious issues to discuss. From universal healthcare (that 36 countries have and we don't - go Dean!) to deficits, government must get working again. Investigations will come, but these issues have been neglected for too long.

-- Is Tom DeLay still a poster boy for Republican corruption? We don't need Tom DeLay and here's a thug list for you. A procurement officer, a senate leader, a house member, Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff (not Libby, but Dick -- way to taint the VP!), and let's not leave out Karl I'll-be-indicted-any-minute-now Rove.

-- But the Democrats can't come together on Iraq? Putting Joe aside (brilliant!), we all basically agree. It's about withdrawal. It's a matter of when. It's a year of transition and the Iraqis better get their act straight and form a government because we won't put up with it. Oh, and by the way, we will listen to the military before we go to war. And if we go to war, the troops will have adequate armor.

Dean masterfully countered the caricature the Republicans portray the Democrats as, and he did it without sounding shrill. Thank you, Howard Dean. You have won me over, all over again.

For those of you inclined to skim: Shorter Howard Dean -- We are the adults.

Put your money where your mouth is: Support Dean and the DNC here.

Watch, read, and learn: Transcript and video can be found here.


Sorry, but I can't let this post end without noting that Chris Matthews is an ass. Please, Chris, don't laugh at your guests and look incredulous when they are speaking. It makes you look like the
DeLay-loving partisan hack that you are.

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