Thursday, April 06, 2006

Exterminating Tom DeLay

There's a lot out there on the DeLay resignation (or, rather, on DeLay's decision not to run for re-election), but one of the very best commentaries I've read is by our good friend J. Kingston Pierce of Limbo. His excellent post -- and I highly recommend that you read it all -- is here. It's full of valuable links and sound analysis.

Here's a snippet: "Undoubtedly, Republican strategists are hoping that Tom DeLay’s resignation will eliminate him as their party’s public face -- the poster boy for the “culture of corruption” label with which Democrats hope to tar their rivals, and thus end 13 years of GOP control on Capitol Hill. But DeLay’s departure probably comes too late. Already, Gallup polling shows a dramatic shift in party loyalty among Americans, with 49 of Americans now calling themselves Democrats or leaning in that direction, while 42 percent define themselves as Republicans or lean that way."

Cautious optimism. Check it out.

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