Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Breaking news:

Tom DeLay will not seek reelection. According to the Post, the disgraced former House majority leader "told House allies last night that he will give up his seat rather than face a reelection fight that appears increasingly unwinnable".

The writing was clearly on the wall, wasn't it?

Now let's hope that the justice system punishes him accordingly for his various and sundry transgressions. He may be the face of Republican corruption (see here), but he's also a criminal who must be held accountable. Resignation isn't nearly enough.



More from the Post, more on the "federal criminal investigation that already has reached into his inner circle of longtime advisers": "DeLay faces a trial later this year on money-laundering charges in Texas that stems from an October 2005 indictment related to corporate contributions to state elections in 2001 and 2002. Since then, two former aides and one of his most prominent contributors have pleaded guilty in a separate federal probe to crimes including conspiracy; wire, tax and mail fraud; and corruption of public officials."

Good stuff.

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