Sunday, April 02, 2006

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By Creature

BREAKING: Bush brings banter back to presidency. Country waits for punch-line. From today's Washington Post:

Call it the let-Bush-be-Bush strategy. The result is a looser president, less serious at times, even at times when humor might seem out of place. Aides used to dread such settings, worried about gaffes or the way Bush might come across in spontaneous exchanges. But with his poll numbers somewhere south of the border, they concluded that Bush handles back-and-forth better than he once did -- and that they have little left to lose. [emphasis added]

Sorry, but it sounds more like a hail-mary strategy to me. If Bush's handlers think letting Bush-be-Bush will help in him out of his political spider-hole, they are sorely mistaken. The public is done. They want a serious leader to get us through serious times. It's not about image, it's about policy. Sorry, funny guy, you are lame, beyond duck:

When the crowd laughed [at the wrong guy], Bush protested, "I'm the funny guy."

Funny like in thousands-of-dead and billions-in-debt funny.

Laugh more -- and that's at him, not with him.

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