Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Massachusetts to adopt near-universal health care

Incredible news from my former home state, according to The New York Times:

Massachusetts is poised to become the first state to provide nearly universal health care coverage after the state legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill today that Gov. Mitt Romney says he will sign.

The bill does what health experts say no other state has yet been able to do: provide a mechanism for all of its citizens to obtain health insurance. It accomplishes that in a way that experts say combines several different methods and proposals from across the political spectrum, apportioning the cost among businesses, individuals and the government.

Let's hope this is the thin end of the wedge and that other states soon follow Massachusetts. I need to look more closely into the details of this plan, but it seems quite sensible at first glance. And if it ends up providing health care to 95 percent of the state's uninsured, what is there not to like about it?

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