Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Debate Results ... The Flintstones vs. The Jetsons Part II

By J. Thomas Duffy

Just a quick riff while the iron is hot.

Well, the worry at the VP Debate was the Wasilla Whiz Kid getting off the stage alive - figuratively

Tonight, there were clenched teeth, and fingernails dug into armchairs, just watching Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain walk around the stage and getting off it alive - literally.

I gotta think the odds boards in Vegas saw frantic action and heavy betting, on whether or not McCain would still be standing - and breathing - at the end.

And he wanted 10 of these things?

Jesus, by the third, he'd have a four-post walker, and, I'd say, by the fifth or sixth, it would be something from The Scooter Store.

And, this was a townhall, allegedly McCain's strength, his groove, his touchstone?

He wandered around the stage, like the befuddled Uncle that comes for Holiday dinner, that nobody really wants there, and spends most of the day not giving him much attention, yet he keeps injecting himself into the conversation, bad jokes and all.

For the record, the Dead Campaign Express Commander chucked up (by our count);
  • 19 "My Friends"
  • 2 "With a steady hand at the tiller
  • 1 That shout-out to the DC Comic base, the League of Democracies
And, while Obama offered up Warren Buffet as a potential Treasury Secretary in his administration, Fly Boy suggested one of his advisors, Meg Whitman, founder of eBay, who announced today they will be laying off 1,000+ persons.

You want news?

Mommy Moose's mentor offered up a startling new policy agenda item.

He wants to do his version of Phil Rizutto and "The Money Store", saying he, as President, will buy up all the bad mortgages, and renegotiate the mortgages.

Say What?

This isn't, or wouldn't be, part of the already concluded $700 Billion heist by Hank Paulson and the Bush Grindhouse

This new "The McCain Money Store" would be on top of it.

Yet, he smears Obama, blaming him for Fannie and Freddy, and continues his Old-Man-Shaking-Fist-at-Clouds shrieking about Earmarks.

And there was the harsh, heavy-handed, dripping with contempt "THAT ONE", pointing (but not looking ) at Obama, telling an Obama vote on a bill, loaded with ... You guessed it - EARMARKS!

It probably (but not definitively) had less to do with something racial and a lot more to do with that befuddled Uncle reference above becoming very animated for a fleeting moment.

Early post-debate chatter has been that the snap and dial polls show Obama winning, by sizable margins.

The Talking Heads are all but saying he was the befuddled Uncle out there tonight, and questioning the strategy, after four-days of the Dead Campaign Express calling Obama a terrorist and a liar about supporting and befriending terrorists, Stumblin' Bumblin' Johnnie never raised it or attacked Obama on character.

The loud, collective sigh you may have heard at the end of the debate was the Rove Rats, resigning themselves, they're going to have to go and purchase a whole lot more kitchen sinks to toss at Obama.

And they'll be cutting Fly Boy loose, putting Mommy Moose's signature and logo on them.

More tomorrow, after the transcripts come out

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