Thursday, August 07, 2008

Apples and oranges

By Creature

I have to assume beltway pundits like David Broder pay as close attention to the day in, day out, back-and-forth between the candidates as I do. If this is the case then it boggles the mind that Broder, with a straight face, can equate John McCain's gutter-level, character-smearing campaign with Barack Obama's. Yet, he does exactly this in his column today.

It's typical beltway dribble to say, "oh, they've both been negative," but to say that is bull (not to mention the higher bull that it's Obama's fault for not agreeing to town hall meetings that prompted McCain's incomparable negative onslaught). The only thing David Broder accomplishes with his column today is to reveal his bias toward McCain. Every other conciliatory theme he hits upon is just more noise. And, dishonest noise, at that.

See Booman and Benen for more on Broder, McCain, and their twisted logic.

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