Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No lie too disgusting

By Capt. Fogg

My in-box is something like a Roach Motel lately. The filthy insects check in, but I don't forward them out. Even so, something this disgusting has to be shared because it's all the proof one needs to demonstrate the unworthiness of the United States of America, or at least of half its citizens.

Here's the latest: it begins with a picture of our latest Nimitz class aircraft carrier, the Ronald Reagan. The ship was approved by congress in 1995 and if memory serves, William J. Clinton was President at the time and we were in the middle of an unprecedented economic boom.

Next we have a picture of some kind of barge with a F-14 sitting on it. We're told it's the USS Clinton, based in Canada, basically unarmed and on a mission of appeasement toward any "enemy." The point of course is that Republican Reagan is a tough guy and Clinton is a milquetoast afraid to defend our country. If the reality don't fit, you've got to sling shit.

The last picture is of a rusty scow packed with third world looking people. We're told it's the USS Barak Obama "sailing in from Cuba." The point? The point is that Obama isn't an American in the first place.

Do we write this off to mass schizophrenia, to delusional bigotry, to massive ignorance or to the maliciousness of the criminal minds that create propaganda for John McCain's America-hating party? Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. That they are not deported, imprisoned or shut off behind a guarded steel barrier is proof that this country wants to die of the cancer eating away at its heart and mind.

Of course one can remind the sender, as I did, that Reagan was the appeaser, not Clinton; that Republicans were outraged when Clinton advocated military engagement, when he put together a coalition backed by the UN, when he fired missiles at Osama bin Laden. One could also remind the sender that since he previously told me that Obama was a Muslim he was unlikely to be based in or cooperating with the government of Cuba. I may or may not be excused for having reminded him that I'm quite capable of putting a three round grouping into his forehead before he hits the ground, stone cold dead.

We need a revolution in this country; not so much a revolution against the military-industrial junta that took it over in a bloodles coup, but against the stinking, stupid psychopaths, the bigots, the morons looking for something to make them feel smart, the hate mongers, the subhuman dregs of the genetic barrel: the Republicans. Bloggers are powerless, the media don't care and truth means less than nothing. However we accomplish it, we need to flush the national toilet and we need to do it before the festering septic shitslingers put another of their brothers in scales into the presidency. So many enemies - so little time.

(Cross-posted from Human Voices.)

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