Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Talking Thread

By J. Thomas Duffy

While endorsing/seconding Carl's sentiments, it is what it is, for this year anyway ...

Likely, as most are watching and following, everyone's pegged Huckabee the winner on the Red side, giving Romney and ass-whuppin', by around 13% ...

You can follow the Dems here;

Iowa Democratic Party Caucus Results

It refreshes every 30-seconds and, as I write, here is where it stands;

Senator Barack Obama : 33.93%

Senator John Edwards : 31.83%

Senator Hillary Clinton : 31.56%

Governor Bill Richardson : 1.69%

Senator Joe Biden : 0.90%

Senator Chris Dodd : 0.05%

Uncommitted : 0.03%

Precincts Reporting: 861 of 1781

(Percentages are State Delegate Equivalents.)

This represents Obama jumping up about 5% in the last 2o-minutes ...


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