Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Damn You, Nancy OffTheTable and Stagnant Hoyer!

By J. Thomas Duffy

Now let me get this straight ...

Dennis Kucinich introduced a resolution to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney, and the Democratic Leadership buried it?

Even after, in their smug, arrogant manner, the Republican Minority said "Sure, let's debate it"?

My God, what the hell is this? Another meeting of The Blank Check Club?

Does Nancy OffTheTable and Stagnant Hoyer have any concept of what the hell is at stake?

Especially and doubly odious, being it's the year-anniversary of the Dems taking the elections, and the majority, back in Congress.

This is like Ernie Banks saying "It's a beautiful day ... But I don't feel like playing any baseball", or John Cameron Swayze giving up and not testing to see if the Timex would still be ticking after taking a licking... Veteran and legendary anchorman Walter Cronkite admitting "I have no idea the way it is"

What cowards.

Yes, there are a boatload of important matters the Congress needs to deal with.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq ... Healthcare ... Immigration ... The economy ... Etc., Etc., Etc. ...

And while The Garlic is usually hip, and cheering on Jeralyn Merrit, over at TalkLeft, but her "...The time to impeach, if there was one, was after we learned Bush and Cheney lied about getting us into war in Iraq. It's too late now and counterproductive." is off-the-mark.

Bush, Cheney and their henchman are still lying, piling lie-after-lie, on Iraq, while going into "Lie Reruns" with trying to get us into another quagmire, in Iran.

And another big lie -- that bastion of democracy, Pakistan -- is turning back on them to bite them in the ass ...

While we're at it, let's mention, to put on the menu, sort-of-speak, the treasonous exposure of Valerie Plame, or the firing of the U.S. Attorneys (and the complete corruption of the Department of Justice) ... The Torture Policy ... The Signing Statements ...

It is far from counterproductive to hold the elected officials of this country -- and yes, these two criminals weren't exactly elected -- accountable for their crimes and misdemeanors.

Letting Bush and Cheney off-the-hook now, leaves every future administration off-the-hook, after they've black-jacked the Constitution, replacing it with their own whims.

No, it should be, exactly, the business of this Congress to begin the Articles of Impeachment of this dynamic duo. It's not too late and it's not counterproductive.

In fact, it is, quite likely, exactly what is needed to go towards restoring the image, and the integrity, of the United States.

To show our allies, the world, that our Congress hasn't turned its' back on The Constitution the way the Executive Branch has, and that they will do their constitutional duty to protect this country, from enemies abroad - and enemies within.

Hey, Nancy OffTheTable and Stagnant Hoyer, take a cue from Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks:

"It's a beautiful day ... Let's impeach two!"


Bonus Impeachment Links

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How's about hugging your constitutional responsibilities?

(Cross-posted at The Garlic.)

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