Tuesday, September 26, 2006

German opera cancelled for fear of religious reprisals

By Heraclitus

A Berlin opera company has cancelled a production of the Mozart opera Idomeneo, which would include a scene displaying the severed heads of Poseidon, Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha:
"'We know the consequences of the conflict over the (Muhammad) caricatures,' the opera company said in a statement." But they're not talking about boycotts of German products.

The director, Kirsten Harms, said security officials had now warned of possible problems if the production went ahead, and that it was in the best interests of performers and opera-goers to cancel it.

I think this can only be read as a reference to violent attacks on the opera house, including the audience, if the opera were staged.

Berlin's mayor is critical of the decision to cancel the opera. The leader of Germany's Islamic Council supports it, but regrets the atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

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