Friday, April 07, 2006

Immigration bill stalls in Senate

From the Post:

Efforts to rewrite the nation's immigration laws collapsed in the Senate yesterday, renewing doubts about Congress's ability and willingness to tackle the complex, emotional issue in an election year.

A tenuous bipartisan compromise, announced a day earlier, fell apart when Democrats rejected conservative Republicans' demands for numerous changes, some designed to limit the number of illegal immigrants who could become eligible for citizenship. Trapped between the conservatives' demands and the Democrats' parliamentary powers to limit amendments, GOP leaders conceded a setback. But they vowed to try again when Congress returns from a two-week recess.

The Senate may not be able to hammer out a deal that appeals to at least 60 senators (enough to block a filibuster), especially if proposed deals include a provision for deportation and/or the denial of legal status to some immigrants. But make no mistake about it, this will continue to be a huge issue this year. Whether Congress likes it or not.

For more, see my recent post on illegal immigration at the One America Committee Blog (including all the great comments from readers).

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