Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No path for Christie

By Richard Barry

Chuck Todd and company at NBC describe two ways to win the GOP nomination.

The first is to "sell yourself as the right candidate to win over the base on the issues -- i.e., the ideological warrior." The second is to "sell yourself as the most electable, the candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton -- i.e., the winner."

They go on to say that neither way is available to Gov. Christie who announced his candidacy today.

As for Christie's conservative ideological purity, well, no so much. And as a candidate with the broad-based support to win it all? Again, no.

So what does he think his path to victory is? Since Christie will never be the darling of the ideological right, it has to be in his belief he can sell himself as the most electable. No idea what he's basing that on.

Whatever he's thinking, he's delusional.

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  • I think Chuck Todd and company are a confederacy of dunces. In order to be "electable" on the right, you also have to be an ideological warrior. There is far more ideological hegemony on the right than on the left. Maybe I would go for this if it was between electability and "being willing to say outrageous racist things. I loved Trump's announcement, "I'm sure there are some good Mexicans. I don't really ever seeing any, but they've got to be out there -- in small pockets in the suburbs of Veracruz perhaps..."

    Christie is currently at #9 in the pack according to Huffington Post. And there really is no daylight between him and number 10 and 11. So I'm not even clear that he's gonna make it into the debate.

    On another issue, I'm not quite sure why the right has abandoned him. I know: Bridgegate. But all that did in the end was show that he was exactly the kind of politician we always knew he was. But I see that a lot. The people of Wisconsin re-elected Scott Walker. A few months later, he signed "right to work" into law, and now his poll numbers have plummeted. What's up with that? Did that come as a surprise? I may just move down to Veracruz (I hear there are some good Mexicans there) and forget all about this screwed up country.

    By Blogger Frank Moraes, at 2:07 PM  

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