Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Behind the Ad: Bailout Bush?

By Richard Barry

Who: America's Liberty (a super-PAC backing Sen. Rand Paul)

Where: Web ad in early primary states (though it appears to be running elsewhere)

What's going on: Here comes the crazy. In the style of a loud and frenetic infomercial, a screaming pitchman by the name of Max Power (remember the Simpsons episode featuring Homer as Max) offers a Bailout Bu$h action figure and tell us, the viewer/customer, about how Jeb worked for Lehman Brothers right before the crash and supported the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

"This offer guarantees a presidential candidate cannot win a single primary state, let alone the general election," a voice-over says at the end of the ad as Power bathes in a tub of money.

Does anyone on the right know how to be funny? Apparently not. 

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  • It's bad on just about every level. But I wonder what they think they are accomplishing. Few people think Bush is a strong contender. Maybe they are trying to stop people from donating to Bush, but even if successful, those donations are going to go to Walker and Rubio, not Rand Paul.

    By Blogger Frank Moraes, at 3:48 PM  

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