Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Despite long odds, Chris Christie staffs up for a presidential run

The Hill reported today that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is staffing up for a presumed Republican presidential run. One of his political action committees has just hired a digital firm to implement a "comprehensive digital presence" for the candidate, including website development, online fundraising and email marketing. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that Leadership Matters for America (one of Christie's PACs) hired Upstream Communications for the job. 

As the Hill states:
Christie’s PACs will provide a momentum boost should he decide to officially launch a bid for the presidency, helping his potential campaign solicit major donors for repeated, large-money contributions.

Both PACs could allow Christie a chance to gauge early fundraising support among donors and build operatives for an eventual campaign apparatus.

This might mean that if the support is not there he could go away quietly, although we've never seen this man do anything quietly. 

For those keeping track, Christie will be entering one of the most crowded GOP presidential fields ever should he run, with at least 19 other Republicans having expressed an interest. 

Maybe Christie has to give it a shot because that's what politicians with massive egos do, but his chances of securing the nomination are certainly slim, as Nate Silver wrote back in early February.
Silver puts New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's chance of winning at just 5%. "I think Chris Christies chances are vastly overrated. In part because he has a lot of issues where he deviates from the Republican base and in part because he’s not a guy who’s seen as a team player." says Silver. Christie's New Jersey administration has been tainted in recent controversy. First Christie received heat over lane closings near the George Washington Bridge and is now under Federal investigation for firing an employee who objected to Christie dismissing indictments against his political allies.

Long, long, long shot. 


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