Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Getting to like it

By Mustang Bobby

A Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that Americans are getting to like Obamacare.
Support among Democrats jumped from 65 percent in January to 76 percent in the new poll. Independents (44 percent support; 54 percent oppose; and Republicans (20 percent support; 78 percent) was more stable, according to the poll. Surprisingly, the poll found a significant shift in support for the law among conservatives, with 36 percent of them backing it now compared to 17 percent in November.

This is despite the glitches, the labored roll-out, and the natural hesitancy of the American public to like anything new. Oh, and this is also in spite of the relentless attacks from the GOP and their mouthpiece Fox News.

Count on them to tell us that the polls are skewed, that the books have been cooked on the numbers, and that John Boehner will announce that the American people don’t want it. Blather, rinse, repeat.

So why the shift? Well, I’m no pollster but I would think it has something to do with the fact that people can now afford to get health insurance when they couldn’t before because of not being employed full-time, having a pre-existing condition, or just couldn’t afford it. They like that, and that’s a lot of people.

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