Sunday, March 30, 2014

America: The land of milk and honey (if you already have milk and honey)

By Richard K. Barry

Jeb Bush's name was in the news last week as a potential GOP presidential nominee in 2016. On the one hand, he's seen by some as a "talented, credible, thinking leader." Though, as a recent Washington Post story argues, Jeb 
would have serious vulnerabilities as a candidate. Out of public office for seven years, he has struggled in some appearances and has had difficulty navigating the Republican Party’s fault lines on immigration and other issues. A Bush candidacy also would test whether the nation still has a hangover from the George W. Bush administration.

In any case, Jeb has said that he won't be making a decision any time soon, so we'll have time to debate the merits of his potential candidacy.

One comment by Jeb in the Post piece did, however, stand out for me. 
Last month, Bush spoke in Southern California about income inequality, arguing that the problem is a lack of mobility and not the gulf between rich and poor. “This nation is experiencing a crisis of opportunity,” he said, according to his prepared remarks.

If, as seems obvious, a great part for Romney's failure was due to the perception that he didn't care much about those who didn't happen to have millions of dollar socked away in offshore accounts, Bush's statement could be the antidote. 

Despite the fact that it's bullshit, it's marketable bullshit. The have-nots always want to believe that they have a shot at the brass ring, that the game is not rigged against them,  and will be drawn to those who make a seemingly credible case that such success stories are routinely possible. 

For so many reasons, Romney was not the guy to peddle that message. Jeb, or someone else picking up the theme, could be. 

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  • The Bush dynasty has already stolen one election. If the 2016 election is close, the Bushes will have an opportunity to steal this one, too.
    I just hope that Hillary stands and fights, and doesn't just roll over and meekly give up like Gore did.
    I like Gore in many respects. But he really should have stood his ground in 2000 and fought for the victory that was stolen from him.

    By Blogger Marc McDonald, at 5:37 PM  

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