Monday, November 25, 2013

It worked, dammit

By Mustang Bobby

House Speaker John Boehner tried to prove that Obamacare is a massive failure by trying to sign up for it. And he would have succeeded had the program not worked.
He even did a special tweet noting his hopeless situation. Not terribly surprising given the frustrating experiences so many have had.

Actually, it turns out he had successfully enrolled and got a call confirming that about an hour after his tweet. But it gets better.

According to Scott MacFarlane, a reporter for the local NBC affiliate in Washington, reports that a DC Health Care exchange representative actually tried to contact Boehner by phone during the enrollment process but was put on hold for 35 minutes, after which time the representative finally hung up.

If at first you don’t fail, try, try again.

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  • Over the weekend, Boehner announced that he will be paying twice for insurance what he has been paying. I have a number of questions about this in the update to this article:

    GOP Silence on Good Obamacare News

    I smell a rat. He isn't currently buying insurance on the open market so I assume he's getting part of it paid by his employers. I expect to see someone report on that.

    By Blogger Frank Moraes, at 2:53 PM  

  • I'm not surprised that he'd get a bump up in his insurance: he's 64, smokes like prairie fire, and I wouldn't give you tuppence for his liver condition. Thanks to Obamacare, he at least gets insurance.

    By Blogger Mustang Bobby, at 9:26 PM  

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