Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cameras, cameras everywhere

By Richard K. Barry

News out of Minnesota is that some poor sap by the name of Stewart Mills, who is the likely GOP nominee to run against Democratic incumbent Rep. Rick Nolan,  knows how to party, and there are pictures to prove it. 

Apparently, the source of the photos of Mills doing a beer bong is his wife's Facebook page. They were posted in 2009 and taken down sometime after he announced his congressional run, but nothing ever really goes away on the Internet, right?

There's also a creepy picture of him licking the lips of a woman not his wife at a party, but I'm sure there's an explanation. 

Maybe the Democratic source who released the pictures thinks this will have some kind of impact. I suspect not. I have to say, as someone who spent a few years living in a college dorm in the '70s, I'm sure glad everyone wasn't running around with cell phone cameras at the time. Not that I have political aspirations, but it's still a good thing.

As for the beer bong, the article in the Minneapolis City Pages where the story appears had a cute quip, which was that it "takes the 'I want to vote for a candidate I can have a beer with" thing to a whole new level, doesn't it?'"

Like I said, this ain't no thing. And you should take my word for it because I live in Toronto where we know what bad behaviour from a politician looks like. 

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