Friday, October 04, 2013

Republicans still denying health care to millions of Americans

By Michael J.W. Stickings

From the Times:

A sweeping national effort to extend health coverage to millions of Americans will leave out two-thirds of the poor blacks and single mothers and more than half of the low-wage workers who do not have insurance, the very kinds of people that the program was intended to help, according to an analysis of census data by The New York Times.

Because they live in states largely controlled by Republicans that have declined to participate in a vast expansion of Medicaid, the medical insurance program for the poor, they are among the eight million Americans who are impoverished, uninsured and ineligible for help. The federal government will pay for the expansion through 2016 and no less than 90 percent of costs in later years.

Those excluded will be stranded without insurance, stuck between people with slightly higher incomes who will qualify for federal subsidies on the new health exchanges that went live this week, and those who are poor enough to qualify for Medicaid in its current form, which has income ceilings as low as $11 a day in some states. 

If you're poor, the Republicans basically don't give a shit about you -- unless they think they can somehow manipulate you into voting for them, and even then they don't.

They truly are a cruel and vindictive bunch of class warmongering thugs.

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  • re:
    >>If you're poor, the Republicans
    >>basically don't give a shit about

    This is definitely true. But I think it's also true of today U.S. government as a whole. True, Democrats are a vastly better party than the GOP. But still, they're hardly the friend of the poor (or even unions, for that matter).
    Today's U.S. government doesn't give a sh*t about the poor, the working class, or even what's left of the middle class.
    Today's U.S. government is nothing more than a uniformed butler for the rich and powerful that own this nation.
    If ordinary working people are to have a chance in this country, then we really need a whole new system. Yes, I will continue voting Dem until that day comes. But the real problem is the our current corrupt, broken system. Things will never really improve until we replace the system.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:44 PM  

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