Thursday, October 03, 2013

Mitt Romney says something clever

By Richard K. Barry

Mitt Romney has been critical of the GOP's approach of shutting down the government to attack Obamacare, as have many Republicans. He has also flattered himself by saying that if he'd been elected president not only would he have given opponents of the ACA a single spokesman, but he would have reached across the aisle to Democrats.

My guess is that the only reaching across the aisle Romney would have done would be to grab Democrats by the balls. As for Republicans lacking focused leadership, he said this:

When you don't have a president, every congressman, every senator, every governor, thinks they're the spokesman for the party. And the one that lights their hair on fire is the one that gets on the evening news.

On that, Romney has a point. In today's GOP, everyone is in charge so no one is in charge. And I would add that as much as Republicans criticize Obama for not negotiating, it's difficult to negotiate when there is no clear understanding of where the power lies.

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