Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sochi agonists

By Carl

 I’m on the fence about boycotting the Sochi Olympics next year over the LGBT punishments handed out by Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

I can certainly see the point of making a boycott, withdrawing our athletes over treating anyone as subhuman – altho it’s interesting that many of the people rallying for a boycott oppose intervention in Syria over a far worse human rights abuse…one of the reasons I’m on the fence here, because I’m on the fence there, too.

 Still, something about it all bothered me, and then I happened to catch this on the new ESPN show, “Olbermann,” the new home of an old friend of the blog, Keith Olbermann.

 Watch Johnny Weir speak passionately on not boycotting and then tell me if I’m wrong that his point about Jesse Owens isn’t one of the most powerful statements made about this issue, altho Keith Olbermann made a great point about Marty Glickman at those same Games.

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