Thursday, May 02, 2013

Behind the Ad: The RNC attacks President Obama's legislative agenda

By Richard K. Barry

(Another installment in our extensive "Behind the Ad" series.) 

Who: The Republican National Committee (RNC).

Where: RNC website.

What's going on: Oh, my. What a slimy little ad. It's called "The First 100 Days," and it's a reference to Obama's legislative agenda, and the GOP's accusation that it has been unsuccessful. 

The Republicans certainly have no shame. Not only do they use an image of the president reaching out to comfort a mother of a Sandy Hook victim as a suggestion of failure, but they cite the Senate's unwillingness to pass gun control legislation as the president's fault. Let's forget that Republicans killed the bill.

In light of Sen. Pat Toomey's (R-PA) comments that gun legislation failed because Republicans didn't want to give Obama a victory, this ad is even more pathetic.

It's all in the game. Republicans are the party of "no," and they hope they can get Obama to take the blame for their obstinance.

You'd have to be a pretty low information voter to fall for that.

(Cross-posted at Phantom Public.)

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