Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mark Sanford debates cardboard Nancy Pelosi

Losing the special House election in South Carolina may be the least of Mark Sanford's worries. He could be on the way to losing his mind, which is how it must have appeared when he debated a near lifesize picture of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi yesterday.

The gimmick had to do with the fact that Sanford's Democratic challenger Elizabeth Colbert Busch has refused to participate in four debates as Sanford requested and will only debate once. 

Why he didn't get a picture of Colbert Busch I just don't know. Perhaps he's read that Pelosi  is less popular. 

Apparently Sanford asked cardboard Pelosi some tough questions and chided her for her lack of response. Other times he answered for her. It must have been scintillating. 

I guess he could have debated on empty chair, but that's so last August. 

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