Saturday, April 06, 2013

Best political movies, in honour of Mr. Ebert

By Richard K. Barry

In honour of movie critic Roger Ebert, who died last week at the age of 70, Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post republished a list of reader-generated favourite political movies that were first posted in March 2010. Top vote-getters were the 1972 Robert Redford film "The Candidate" and the 1992 Tim Robbins film "Bob Roberts."

Good choices.

I'm not nearly focused enough at the moment to generate my own comprehensive favourites list, so I'll cherry pick a few others from the Post list, which you can find here.
  • All the King's Men
  • All the President's Men
  • Being There
  • Bulworth
  • The Manchurian Candidate
  • Primary Colors
  • Wag the Dog
  • The War Room
As I think about it, there are a number not on the Post list worth mentioning, and I'm sure you have your own.

  • Margin Call
  • Goodbye Lenin
  • Reds
  • Wind that Shakes the Barely
  • Good Night and Good Luck
  • Z
  • Brazil
  • Fail Safe
  • Mississippi Burning
  • The Killing Fields
  • Tin Drum
(BTW, I'm still boycotting Argo for being a movie based on bullshit).

As a special bonus, here's the official trailer for "Bob Roberts."


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