Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You know you need to change when Rush thinks you don't

By Richard K. Barry

You know you need to change when Rush Limbuagh thinks you shouldn't change, but continue on in the same way, only more so. Put a different way, Rush is fully contemptuous of the recent RNC report that calls for the party to modernize. Instead, he thinks the GOP is not conservative enough.

According to Limbaugh:

The Republican Party lost because it's not conservative, it didn't get it's base out. People say they need to modernize their tone. They don't.

Just after the election, he said that Republicans "didn't lose because of demographics. 3 million of their voters stayed home."

I suppose the point is that if the GOP had been more conservative, more of their base would have been motivated to turn out.

The problem with a statement like this, even if there were a smidgen of truth to it,  is that if they really had been any more conservative they might have motivated even more African-Americans, and Hispanics, and women, and younger voters to show up on Election Day to defeat them.

Good thinking, Rush.

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