Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Because you really want to know...

By Richard K. Barry

USA Today is reporting that there appear to be two finalists for the location of President Obama's library: Chicago and Hawaii. They say universities and community groups in both places are hard at work lobbying the president's people for the honour, one sure to be an economic and cultural boost for whichever is chosen.

For his part, Obama is tight-lipped about which way he is leaning, saying that 'it is a tough choice, but it's not one that I've made yet."

According to an Associated Press story:

Advocates for placing the library in Chicago speak of Obama's coming of age as a community organizer there and his service in the Illinois Senate and as the state's U.S. senator. They say a presidential library on the city's South Side could revitalize the community and be a force for economic growth. ...

The emerging consensus in Honolulu is that the state university is best prepared to house the library. But there's no such sense of agreement in Chicago, where a host of groups are publicly stumping on behalf of other sites on Chicago's South Side, where Michelle Obama grew up, voters first sent Barack Obama to public office and the Obama family has their home.

Yeah, I'm putting my money on Chicago, simply on the basis that it would be easier to visit, though Hawaii would be lovely.  

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