Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Could sequestration take down Dems?

By tmcbpatriot

It's here! Doomsday! Sequestration is upon us and its going to be BAD!!!! Or not.

This whole business of spending cuts, for what it's worth, may turn out to be a while lot of nothing, and that will not bode well for Democrats. Yesterday, for example, Janet Napolitano said that sequestration was causing airport delays. Oh no! The horror! But then "the Federal Aviation Administration reported Monday there were no significant flight delays in either Los Angeles or Chicago."

Okay, well, there must be something devastating happening as a result of the sequester because Republicans are running scared...

Americans for Prosperity, a conservative advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers, says that lawmakers should be commended for doing nothing to prevent billions of dollars in across-the-board spending cuts, known as sequestration.

"With the sequester, Congress made a promise to the American people to cut spending. They deserve to be congratulated for actually keeping that promise... It definitely wasn't easy given the pressure from the White House."


With all the hubbub surrounding these spending cuts, and with Republicans doing nothing to stop them, it makes one wonder if this was their ace in the hole the whole time. Put simply, if these spending cuts are nothing but a blip on the rader, then Obama looks like a fearmonger while Republicans can say, "See? We told you cutting wasteful spending would not harm the economy."

And with no problems to the economy, Republicans can stay true to form and tout a victory against reckless spending and out-of-control deficits while Dems look like they are hoping for an economic disaster just to prove Republicans wrong.

Time will tell who comes out the victor in this latest game of chicken. Republicans are currently 0-everything. Statistically speaking, they may be due for a win.

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