Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Misogynistic Republican smear machine targets Ashley Judd over on-screen nudity and sex

By Michael J.W. Stickings

It's still early, and she's not even announced she's running in the Kentucky Senate race against Mitch McConnell, and of course there's still the Democratic primary to get through even then, but that isn't stopping the Republican smear machine from targeting Ashley Judd with some brutally offensive, and misogynistic, attacks. For example (via ThinkProgress), from one of the very worst of conservative media, The Daily Caller:

We are used to knowing just about everything there is to know about serious political candidates. But will Judd be the first potential senator who has — literally — nothing left to show us? The actress has bared her breasts in several films and has had some raunchy sex scenes in others. According to MrSkin.com, which bills itself as "the largest free nude celebrity movie archive," Judd has flashed just about everything on-screen. It seems like she was particularly liberal with nudity early on in her career... Judd did a lesbian sex scene in 2002's Oscar-nominated "Frida" and has nine other films categorized as "sexy" by Mr. Skin, meaning that there is at least one racy scene in those films.

Yes, that's right, she's shown us her tits and titillated us with some steamy sex scenes, so what more could she possibly offer us? I mean, like, other than a cum-splattered 3-way with Bill Clinton and Ron Jeremy, or whatever other fantasy gets these obsessive chauvinists off.

Anyway... this fucking idiot does some online "research," finds that Judd has done some nude and sex scenes, and then dismisses her as a piece of meat.

I don't even know what level of despicable offensiveness this reaches, even for conservatives, but it's just the sort of thing you'd expect from the Breitbartian world of right-wing media.

And there will no doubt be much more of it to come. Ashley Judd is a smart, beautiful woman who also happens to be a really good actress who has done, you know, things both actors and actresses do, as hard as they may be for these morons to understand.

And she's obviously a huge threat to them.

(Read the whole TP piece for an excellent examination of the double standard at work here. Basically, if you're a woman in politics, they're going to try to fuck you. And not in a good way.)

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