Thursday, March 28, 2013

Behind the Ad: Sarah Palin isn't going away, and that's a good thing

By Richard K. Barry

(Another installment in our extensive "Behind the Ad" series.)

Who: Sarah Palin.

Where: Sarah PAC website.

What's going on: In an ad called "Loaded for Bear," Palin makes it clear that she expects to play a role in the 2014 election. It's a slick piece, splicing together all sorts of comments to give the impression that Palin is still a massive force in American politics.

My sense is that it's over for the former Gov. of Alaska. Even Fox News gave her the heave-ho, reasoning that her 15 minutes were up.

The truth is that party nominations are frequently won by energizing smaller numbers of the party faithful. Palin is good at that. Her fans will certainly point to her early support for Republicans Ted Cruz of Texas and Deb Fischer of Nebraska, both of whom won their Senate races.

My guess is that her efforts will help to blow up the Republican party real good, like it needs the help (with apologies to the spirit of John Candy and Joe Flaherty).

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