Tuesday, February 05, 2013

How desperate are Massachusetts Republicans?

By Michael J.W. Stickings

One word: Tagg.

Okay, a few more: Tagg "I want to punch President Obama in the face for being mean to my daddy" Romney.

But it won't be Tagg, and it won't be Ann either, and of course Scott Brown wants nothing to do with another Senate run.

And so now what? What will Republicans do to try to win the seat left open by John Kerry's move to the State Department? 

[T]he state GOP's leader tells the [Boston] Herald that they don't even care if their candidate has name recognition. "If you think back, Scott Brown wasn't a name, he was a state senator who worked his way up," she said. "I think what GOP candidates have to offer voters in Massachusetts is a fresh face and a new direction, and I think that's the take-away from our candidates, whether they be a name or not." So if you're at all interested in the job, don't let lack of experience or a set of nearly nude photos from your college days hold you back.

A fresh face? A new direction? Yeah, sure, whatever. The only way the Dems lose this seat is if they pick a terrible candidate, self-destruct, and hand it to the GOP.

And they never -- cough-cough, Martha Coakley, cough-cough -- do that, right? 

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