Sunday, February 03, 2013

Thoughts on Super Bowl XLVII, in progress

By Michael J.W. Stickings 

(Update, the game having just ended, 34-31 for Baltimore: Crap. I hate the Ravens. And there's no way I'm going to watch the arrogant, self-righteous jackass Ray Lewis whoop it up in the post-game, as if his "God" won this for him. Admittedly, he's been a great player through much of his career, but so much about him is pure bullshit. And the rest of the Ravens aren't much better: the buffoon Joe Flacco, the headhunter Ed Reed, etc., etc. What an ugly, ugly team. Let's see what else is on...)

I was going to add to Richard's post earlier, but I was too busy spending time with the family, making dinner (huge nachos that I like to refer to as "nachismos"), drinking beer, and not being in front of the computer.

And, yes, avoiding having to think too much about the game.

These are two teams, after all, that I don't much care for, and for Steelers fans it's especially tough: do we go with an arch-rival from the AFC North with the loathsome Ray Lewis, other obnoxious figures, and an annoying Harbaugh, or do we go with a team that with a win would tie us for most Super Bowl victories with six, that includes its own share of obnoxious figures, and that is similarly coached by an annoying Harbaugh?

In the end, I decided I had to root for the 49ers, and I was hoping for a good game.

But it was a lousy game in the first half, with the Ravens opening up a huge lead, and I started tuning out, finding solace, of sorts, in huge helpings of those nachismos, watching the game but not really -- and certainly not caring.

But thank the football gods, or whatever, for power outages, because it's gone the other way since, the Niners making a game of it.

It's now 31-29 Ravens with 7:32 left in the fourth, with Baltimore driving and San Francisco appearing to be running out of gas.

Well, at least it's turned into an entertaining game.

Come on, San Fran! (Ugh.)

Really, I just want this awful season to be over, for the draft to bring renewed hope, and for next year to begin with the Steelers in better shape than they showed in 2012.

Let's move on.

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